Reno Williams is 12 years old and in the 8th grade. He moved to Southwest Florida with his family from Rochester, New York in 2006.  Despite being born legally blind (now visually impaired) he also carries many diagnosis including Asperger's Syndrome.  He became interested in researching autism and Asperger's after realizing that he did some things a little differently than his peers.  His mission is to reduce the stigma that others have about people with disabilities and reduce bullying.
For the past two years Reno has been spreading autism awareness through his public speaking in schools and in the  community through the use of power point presentations, brochures and bookmarks that he has created.  He explains "how to be a good friend to kids with autism" describing  how kids with autism may be a little different than some of their typical developing peers, but also showing how they are very much alike.
Reno's future goals include starting a non-profit organization. Offering a reading club involving children with and without disabilities.  Implementing  programs such as youth groups and support groups for children who have autism and their families.  Reno's ultimate goal is to offer monetary grants to help families in crisis.
Although Reno has dedicated himself to advocate for persons with disabilities and help spread autism awareness he also has many other interests.  Reno is an avid reader, he loves to play video games with his friends and he is also a loyal fan of WWE wrestling.  
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Reno Williams